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Series VI: The Sons of Arahallin - Chapter 0

The dream team is back, baby!! This is the set-up episode for Series VI, which I'm calling The Sons of Arahallin. For a change of pace, I (Nathan, that is) will be putting Ryan, JD, and Zach through the ringer in a series of boss battles as they rip through the lineage of the cyclopean king Arahallin.

Maybe-temporary music: “Walking in the Shadows” by “GO” Saito & Masae Saikade for the Lagoon OST

Series I - Introduction

We're tabletop role-players from the Chimaera RPG gaming group. We'll be recording sessions of Dungeon World in order to share with you all. We'll release a new chapter every Wednesday. Each series will be a standalone adventure set in the same world rather than an overarching campaign - think of them like sword & sorcery short stories. This episode starts off with introducing our heroes for the first story. If you catch a reference to a prior recording, that's because we did record an earlier adventure but weren't happy with the recording quality. Someday we'll release that story. For now, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy the world we've been building in the Chimaera.