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Series VI: The Sons of Arahallin - Chapter VI

After a pyrrhic victory over Iggthot the Valleymaker, our adventurers grieve and convalesce. Krekki shows his usefulness as Hed rears his ugly... well... head.

This episode was hard. Greeg was a favorite of our characters, and his sea-salt cantankerousness was a joy to build around. And despite the early conversation in this episode, I was extremely sad (and sorry, to Zach) when he died. There was a hush at the table (and, later, when listening back to the recordings) coupled with a fear of how we’d procede.

But we kill our darlings.

More to the point, though, Last Breath is the best move in Dungeon World and to bend the rules to accomodate (read: force) a narrative is disingenuous and works to errode both the emotional stakes of the game and the main tenant of Dungeon World: play to find out what happens.

Krekki has legs, though (literally now!) and we’ve had a lot of fun playing the Brute Playbook in games off-air before now, so finding a(n almost) suitable replacement was easy. And as usual, Zach is more than capable of bringing one of my half-ideas to vibrant and wry life.

Let’s see what happens now. At least Socks is OK.