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V: Dimansion of the Tectomancer - Chapter XV

We use Jason Cordova's Labyrinth Move (of Gauntlet fame; link incoming) to construct a session where our heroes explore the magical portal they figured out in the last chapter. They travel across great distances, but push through to get closer to the heart of the Dimansion... and to Ypsilanti's most private space.

V: Dimansion of the Tectomancer - Chapter 0

Apologies for the audio in this episode. We had a problem with our setup during this recording that we did not realize until much later. I'm labeling this Chapter 0 because, while it establishes details that will return later, it can be skipped with regards to the main adventure if the audio problems are an issue. I will provide a summary in the comments of the episode (and eventually plan to have a full transcript). I hope the issues aren't too distracting, though, because while it might stand alone as a subsection of this adventure I honestly believe this episode is very strong in content and character development. Please give it a shot.

Our heroes need to steal a book in order to enter the Dimansion. Naturally, all other books are just getting in the way.

The Dimansion of Ypsilanti the Tectomancer - Introduction

The Second Cycle around our Dungeon World table begins with Series V, entitled "The Dimansion of Ypsilanti the Tectomancer." Here, we meet our new party: Gashana the formerly enslaved elvish princess Immolator, Omid the Mage running from the Ashkeshahri Empire, and Row the guerrilla Battlemaster still fighting a lost war. Normally, we also ask questions setting up the coming campaign, however the original recording was distorted due to an electronic problem. So we have re-recorded this introduction to explain how the original questions were answered. It's not our normal enthusiastic brainstorming session, but it will get you everything you need to know for the upcoming Series!