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The Wave Ring

This simple silver ring has a repeating wave pattern in the metal. When worn, the ring imbues you with the endless endurance of the ocean waves. You do not need to eat, nor do you feel tired. You can ignore the effects of stunned, weak, or sick. However, while worn you cannot be healed by mundane or magical means, and removing the ring requires a defy danger+WIS and the return of exhaustion.

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Everyone knows toads are all poisonous creatures, but somehow they avoid poisoning themselves. Of course, the reason they are able to do so is because of the small stone in their head. This stone has been taken from the head of a poisonous toad and carved to resemble its toadly form. Kept in a pouch pulled shut with a leather thong, this toadstone can be worn as an amulet or kept on one's belt.

The toadstone will absorb the ill effects of any poison inflicted upon the wielder one time before crumbling into pieces.

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