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Taishi Mountain Grass Tea

This fine tea powder is made of long grasses cultivated in the high reaches of Taishi Mountain where the grass is watered directly by the clouds themselves. The dried tea is often kept in a fine stone jar. It can be brewed as a soothing hot tea on cold days or mixed with cool water to make a refreshing beverage during the summer. It tastes bitter and earthy before giving way to an aftertaste of fresh mint. Taishi Mountain grass tea is said to provide clarity of mind, much like a deep inhalation of the cool mountain air that the grass grows in.

When consumed, Taishi Mountain grass tea provides +1 forward to Discern Realities, or it can be used to clear an affection of the mind such as Confused or Stunned.

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Earth Dragon Powder

Earth Dragons are able to burrow through even the hardest stone as if it were soft clay. This powder is said to be made of an Earth Dragon's body after it was slain, dried in the sun, and ground down. It is chalky and will stick to stone. Natural stone or metal material that it is applied to will be pliable with just your bare hands. One use is enough to coat a wall or dig a deep hole. Small applications such as rolling a sword into a ball of bronze does not require a use.

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