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Meteor Spear

This spear was forged from the steel found in a meteorite. Shaped as a narrowing cylindrical cone rather than having a traditional spear head, it is covered in runes from top to bottom in a repeating, fractal pattern. The spear will adjust itself to the intentions of the wielder and can vary in size from a heavy long spear more than ten feet in length to a thin, very short piercing blade. The spear can be thrown as a javelin; when doing so the user may Volley+STR instead of +DEX. The spear is unbreakable by mundane means.

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Pilum Galvanis

This short spear is made of a light wood that seems to float lightly in the wielder's hand. Its spearhead is made of copper and crackles with electricity that emits a shifting light.

Pilum Galvanis ignores metal armor. It can be thrown as a javelin, emitting a thunderclap as it instantly moves through any row of foes in a straight line, dealing damage to all of them. Once this ability is used, the spearhead no longer emits electricity and must be recharged by being held aloft in a storm.

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