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Music Box Inn

A music box displaying a top-down view of a quaint tavern scene in impressive detail, including a bard strumming the notes of the song played when the box is opened. At will, someone holding the box open can enter the Music Box Inn, a self-contained microdimension where one can enjoy the trappings of a crossroads inn in peace and safety for as long as they wish. To leave, one needs to simply walk out the tavern door and they will reappear standing near the box. While visiting, however, the music box remains where it was in the ordinary dimension where it could be lost, picked up by someone else, or smashed. Who knows what would happen to those remaining in the Inn if this were to occur.

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Light Bow

This fine bow was forged out of lightweight steel from a meteorite with magical runes carved into it. The runes start at each tip and pull toward the handhold where they meet. It does not have a string. Instead, a thin beam of sunlight can be seen with dust dancing within its glow. When this “string” is pulled back, the light bow looses it forward as a beam of energy. The Light Bow does not require ammo while exposed to light, however it cannot function without charging in a powerful light source (torches, campfires, etc. are not enough). Once leaving a source of light, the Light Bow has 2 uses of stored light remaining before it is rendered inert. Different sources of light will affect the energy beam released in different ways.

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Scroll of Higher Order Displacement

This lengthy scroll describes a powerful spell that is mostly complete and understandable only to those who are well-versed in the arcane arts.

When you attempt to perform the spell described on the scroll, Roll+INT. ◾On a 10+, you have successfully cast the spell. Your dimensions - height, width, and depth - are moved from the first through third dimensions and are moved to the fifth through eighth spatial dimensions. This effectively renders you invisible and incorporeal to mortal eyes and magics altering only the base dimensions (most basic spells). ◾On a 7-9, only your depth is ascended to the ninth spatial dimension, leaving your height and width on the first and second as normal. This renders you two-dimensional in the mortal world. You can still be seen and felt, but not from the side. ◾On a 6-, part of you is transposed to the to a dimension of time rather than space. You will not be able to return to the lower dimensions at the time of your choosing, but rather earlier or later than desired. You also return noticeably aged, lower a stat by one, permanently.

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Forget-Me-Not Scroll

An old but pristine scroll made with velvet-smooth white paper and rollers made from gold with inlaid gemstones in the shape of a purple, bunched flower. Whenever a passage is written on the scroll, it is seared into the memory of the writer: they are unable to forget whatever was written even through magical means. Once copied elsewhere, the writing on the scroll vanishes and the memory acts as a normal one.

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The Shimmering Orb

A soft and slightly squeezable ball about the size of two fists put together, it sparkles and shimmers like sunlight filtering through the surface of a pool.

When thrown at a surface, the ball will burst and a knee-high water elemental in the shape of an ocean creature emerges. This elemental will understand and attempt to perform any simple tasks given to it, and can reshape its form as needed. If the surface tension keeping it together is ever broken, the water elemental will pop and die leaving behind only an inert puddle.

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The Seahorse Vase

Green-black coral is arranged in layers to make a seahorse vase that comes filled with saltwater. The seahorse rests on its tail when placed on a flat surface.

The Seahorse Vase can continually supply any liquid it has been filled with. Each time after pouring, regardless of the amount, roll a d6. On a 1, the vase has emptied and will suddenly feel lighter. Only once emptied of its prior contents, the vase can be refilled by submersion in any liquid, and it will supply that liquid until it empties again.

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Tiger Shield

This round shield is formed to resemble the shape of a roaring tiger's face and is hewn in stripes of gold and onyx. It was forged by Dwarven craftsmen from Ran-Gra-Kham, and presented to the architect who designed the 50-foot walls that surround the land. He has since passed, and this shield was kept in a trophy room within his high mountain sanctuary until it was recently stolen.

When using the Defend move with the Tiger Shield, you may roll+CHA instead of +CON. In addition, add the following to the list of options: Frighten a weakened opponent into running away.

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King Nilren's Protector

The front of this hardened leather armor is shaped to look like a grimacing face while the back is covered in "hair" of rattling bones on leather thongs. It has been pierced many times by arrows. A good blacksmith could repair it for 300 gold coins (or 100 coins for materials if you are skilled and do so yourself). When worn while Making Camp, an invisible watcher will take watch for you; the party gains an additional 1d4 hp if they're not interrupted. If a threat approaches, the bones will rattle and scare away the intruder or alert the party as if a 10+ had been rolled.

In addition, the wearer gains +1 hold when Defending, even on a miss.

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Earth Dragon Powder

Earth Dragons are able to burrow through even the hardest stone as if it were soft clay. This powder is said to be made of an Earth Dragon's body after it was slain, dried in the sun, and ground down. It is chalky and will stick to stone. Natural stone or metal material that it is applied to will be pliable with just your bare hands. One use is enough to coat a wall or dig a deep hole. Small applications such as rolling a sword into a ball of bronze does not require a use.

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Sareen's Aegis

This round shield is made of the finest silvers and appears to have the face of the moon worked subtly into its shine. It was once wielded by the ancient lunar priestess Sareen who passed it to a warrior woman she found worthy after winning the freedom of her queendom.

At the beginning of a dungeon or campaign, roll 1d8. On an 8, the moon is full and the shield emits a strong beam of silver light. It also grants 2 armor instead of 1. On a 1, the moon is new and hidden. The shield is matte rather than having its normal sheen, and the wielder is invisible whenever they are not moving. If the moon's phase is established in the world or scenario due to other circumstances, follow that rather than rolling.

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