Horn of Villmund the Enlightener

A curving horn of ivory and gold, carved with a scene of monks meditating under a waterfall of demons and vile things. It has a large crack running through the far end, but seems like it will hold.

When you blow the horn in your time of need, roll+CHA. On a hit, WIS+2 ethereal warrior monks billow forth from the end of the horn and fight alongside you effortlessly. On a 10+, they also bestow some wisdom upon you about your situation, take +1 forward when acting on the information. On a miss, Villmund's warriors find you lacking, mark 1 box in addition to what the GM says. Once 3 boxes have been marked, Villmund's spirit will come to you to collect the horn. He will suggest a course of action to improve your wisdom; if you do so, mark XP.