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Meteor Spear

This spear was forged from the steel found in a meteorite. Shaped as a narrowing cylindrical cone rather than having a traditional spear head, it is covered in runes from top to bottom in a repeating, fractal pattern. The spear will adjust itself to the intentions of the wielder and can vary in size from a heavy long spear more than ten feet in length to a thin, very short piercing blade. The spear can be thrown as a javelin; when doing so the user may Volley+STR instead of +DEX. The spear is unbreakable by mundane means.

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Light Bow

This fine bow was forged out of lightweight steel from a meteorite with magical runes carved into it. The runes start at each tip and pull toward the handhold where they meet. It does not have a string. Instead, a thin beam of sunlight can be seen with dust dancing within its glow. When this “string” is pulled back, the light bow looses it forward as a beam of energy. The Light Bow does not require ammo while exposed to light, however it cannot function without charging in a powerful light source (torches, campfires, etc. are not enough). Once leaving a source of light, the Light Bow has 2 uses of stored light remaining before it is rendered inert. Different sources of light will affect the energy beam released in different ways.

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Repeating Crossbow

A beautiful, ornately carved crossbow with a complicated reloading mechanism. When using the repeating crossbow, you can fire bolts from it as normal using the Volley move. However, the repeating crossbow is also able to fire bolts rapidly. When you do so, roll+ammo spent (including 0). ◾On a 12+, both. ◾On a 10+, choose one: roll damage twice and take the higher result; add the +area tag. ◾On 1 7-9, roll damage as normal. ◾On a 6-, the mechanism jams and will require fixing before the crossbow can be used again.

After firing rapidly, the crossbow requires time to reload like a normal crossbow.

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Dragon Rocket

This red and black rocket was created by Dwarven alchemist-sorcerers in Ran-Gra-Kham using arts now supposedly lost to time. Its front is in the shape of a fire dragon's burning gaze, with a length of waxed thread acting as its trailing tail.

When you aim the rocket at a target and light its waxed tail, roll+INT. On a hit, the rocket deals b2d12+4 damage to the target (ignoring armor) and anything within Close range of it. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.

*Nothing of value is damaged/destroyed.

*Flames shooting from the rear do not harm you for half damage.

*No one else other than the target and those Close to it are hit by flaming shrapnel.

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Pilum Galvanis

This short spear is made of a light wood that seems to float lightly in the wielder's hand. Its spearhead is made of copper and crackles with electricity that emits a shifting light.

Pilum Galvanis ignores metal armor. It can be thrown as a javelin, emitting a thunderclap as it instantly moves through any row of foes in a straight line, dealing damage to all of them. Once this ability is used, the spearhead no longer emits electricity and must be recharged by being held aloft in a storm.

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Indomitable Flame

This bronze sword seems to have a long, two-handed handle and wide crossbeam for how short and narrow the blade appears to be. It also feels much heavier than one would expect. Gold runes are inlaid along the center of the blade. When gripped with purpose, the blade emits an ethereal white smoke that wisps into a flowing edge - doubling the length and tripling the width of its metal core.

The Indomitable Flame is connected to the soul of the wielder and reflects their inner power - it gains Piercing equal to their CON and +damage equal to their WIS. It also strikes ethereal enemies (e.g., ghosts) as if they were material.

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