Scroll of Higher Order Displacement

This lengthy scroll describes a powerful spell that is mostly complete and understandable only to those who are well-versed in the arcane arts.

When you attempt to perform the spell described on the scroll, Roll+INT. ◾On a 10+, you have successfully cast the spell. Your dimensions - height, width, and depth - are moved from the first through third dimensions and are moved to the fifth through eighth spatial dimensions. This effectively renders you invisible and incorporeal to mortal eyes and magics altering only the base dimensions (most basic spells). ◾On a 7-9, only your depth is ascended to the ninth spatial dimension, leaving your height and width on the first and second as normal. This renders you two-dimensional in the mortal world. You can still be seen and felt, but not from the side. ◾On a 6-, part of you is transposed to the to a dimension of time rather than space. You will not be able to return to the lower dimensions at the time of your choosing, but rather earlier or later than desired. You also return noticeably aged, lower a stat by one, permanently.

1 weight