Dragon Rocket

This red and black rocket was created by Dwarven alchemist-sorcerers in Ran-Gra-Kham using arts now supposedly lost to time. Its front is in the shape of a fire dragon's burning gaze, with a length of waxed thread acting as its trailing tail.

When you aim the rocket at a target and light its waxed tail, roll+INT. On a hit, the rocket deals b2d12+4 damage to the target (ignoring armor) and anything within Close range of it. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.

*Nothing of value is damaged/destroyed.

*Flames shooting from the rear do not harm you for half damage.

*No one else other than the target and those Close to it are hit by flaming shrapnel.

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Taishi Mountain Grass Tea

This fine tea powder is made of long grasses cultivated in the high reaches of Taishi Mountain where the grass is watered directly by the clouds themselves. The dried tea is often kept in a fine stone jar. It can be brewed as a soothing hot tea on cold days or mixed with cool water to make a refreshing beverage during the summer. It tastes bitter and earthy before giving way to an aftertaste of fresh mint. Taishi Mountain grass tea is said to provide clarity of mind, much like a deep inhalation of the cool mountain air that the grass grows in.

When consumed, Taishi Mountain grass tea provides +1 forward to Discern Realities, or it can be used to clear an affection of the mind such as Confused or Stunned.

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Everyone knows toads are all poisonous creatures, but somehow they avoid poisoning themselves. Of course, the reason they are able to do so is because of the small stone in their head. This stone has been taken from the head of a poisonous toad and carved to resemble its toadly form. Kept in a pouch pulled shut with a leather thong, this toadstone can be worn as an amulet or kept on one's belt.

The toadstone will absorb the ill effects of any poison inflicted upon the wielder one time before crumbling into pieces.

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Tiger Shield

This round shield is formed to resemble the shape of a roaring tiger's face and is hewn in stripes of gold and onyx. It was forged by Dwarven craftsmen from Ran-Gra-Kham, and presented to the architect who designed the 50-foot walls that surround the land. He has since passed, and this shield was kept in a trophy room within his high mountain sanctuary until it was recently stolen.

When using the Defend move with the Tiger Shield, you may roll+CHA instead of +CON. In addition, add the following to the list of options: Frighten a weakened opponent into running away.

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Liquid Goblin

This clear bottle is filled with... ew, gross, don't move it like that. Look at it. How is it doing that? It's disgusting. What is THAT bit? I'm gonna be sick.

Don't drink it, probably.

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King Nilren's Protector

The front of this hardened leather armor is shaped to look like a grimacing face while the back is covered in "hair" of rattling bones on leather thongs. It has been pierced many times by arrows. A good blacksmith could repair it for 300 gold coins (or 100 coins for materials if you are skilled and do so yourself). When worn while Making Camp, an invisible watcher will take watch for you; the party gains an additional 1d4 hp if they're not interrupted. If a threat approaches, the bones will rattle and scare away the intruder or alert the party as if a 10+ had been rolled.

In addition, the wearer gains +1 hold when Defending, even on a miss.

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Horn of Villmund the Enlightener

A curving horn of ivory and gold, carved with a scene of monks meditating under a waterfall of demons and vile things. It has a large crack running through the far end, but seems like it will hold.

When you blow the horn in your time of need, roll+CHA. On a hit, WIS+2 ethereal warrior monks billow forth from the end of the horn and fight alongside you effortlessly. On a 10+, they also bestow some wisdom upon you about your situation, take +1 forward when acting on the information. On a miss, Villmund's warriors find you lacking, mark 1 box in addition to what the GM says. Once 3 boxes have been marked, Villmund's spirit will come to you to collect the horn. He will suggest a course of action to improve your wisdom; if you do so, mark XP.

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Living Clay

This blue-green clay is easily altered by hand and can never be hardened. It will attempt to move around in whatever form it is given; if made into a ball it will roll around but if made into a small horse it will gallop instead. It cannot be commanded or controlled, though maybe if you had a way to communicate properly with it...

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Candle of Dismay

This grey candle sparkles softly with silver even in utter darkness, although the blinking light is not enough to see by. It is carved into the shape of a huddled person, warped and half-melted from use.

When lit, any intelligent creature in its light will be overcome with an overwhelming sense of despair, though the candle burns down quickly. Those affected are incapable of acting or rationalizing. Offering to blow out the candle counts as leverage for Parley.

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Earth Dragon Powder

Earth Dragons are able to burrow through even the hardest stone as if it were soft clay. This powder is said to be made of an Earth Dragon's body after it was slain, dried in the sun, and ground down. It is chalky and will stick to stone. Natural stone or metal material that it is applied to will be pliable with just your bare hands. One use is enough to coat a wall or dig a deep hole. Small applications such as rolling a sword into a ball of bronze does not require a use.

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Pilum Galvanis

This short spear is made of a light wood that seems to float lightly in the wielder's hand. Its spearhead is made of copper and crackles with electricity that emits a shifting light.

Pilum Galvanis ignores metal armor. It can be thrown as a javelin, emitting a thunderclap as it instantly moves through any row of foes in a straight line, dealing damage to all of them. Once this ability is used, the spearhead no longer emits electricity and must be recharged by being held aloft in a storm.

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Indomitable Flame

This bronze sword seems to have a long, two-handed handle and wide crossbeam for how short and narrow the blade appears to be. It also feels much heavier than one would expect. Gold runes are inlaid along the center of the blade. When gripped with purpose, the blade emits an ethereal white smoke that wisps into a flowing edge - doubling the length and tripling the width of its metal core.

The Indomitable Flame is connected to the soul of the wielder and reflects their inner power - it gains Piercing equal to their CON and +damage equal to their WIS. It also strikes ethereal enemies (e.g., ghosts) as if they were material.

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Sareen's Aegis

This round shield is made of the finest silvers and appears to have the face of the moon worked subtly into its shine. It was once wielded by the ancient lunar priestess Sareen who passed it to a warrior woman she found worthy after winning the freedom of her queendom.

At the beginning of a dungeon or campaign, roll 1d8. On an 8, the moon is full and the shield emits a strong beam of silver light. It also grants 2 armor instead of 1. On a 1, the moon is new and hidden. The shield is matte rather than having its normal sheen, and the wielder is invisible whenever they are not moving. If the moon's phase is established in the world or scenario due to other circumstances, follow that rather than rolling.

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