Status Report!

Hello, ChimaeraCats!

Apologies for the lack of posted episodes over the last few weeks. I (J.D.) have been finishing my thesis and traveling home. While I hadn’t intended on these activities interfering with the podcasts’s release schedule, the additional editing needed to work around technical issues we’ve had since my move proved too much for my available time. Since I’m currently lacking the equipment I need to finish editing, once again there will not be an episode this week. I again apologize for such a long hiatus.

That being said, getting to see Zach, Ryan, Nathan, and other Chimaera members again while I was home was so amazing and so energizing. We have killer episodes recorded and I’m seriously so stoked to share where our current story goes with you all once I’m back home in the editing booth (my apartment). You can look forward to an episode next week on Wednesday, and thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Sending you Cats all of my +1s.