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Dogs in the Vineyard Pt. 2

Well we're back at it again with the second part of our latest C-Side: Dogs in the Vineyard. Now the introductions are out of the way the Dogs (Oak & Austin) can get down to sorting the mail and helping the town of Willow Bluff. This episode really highlights some amazing roleplaying from my two players. Both of their characters are looking for problems early on, but quickly realize how they need to go about trying to accomplish their goal of rooting out any sin with a gentler hand. I think this is one of the few times I've ever been able to just roleplay for an extended period of time almost completely free of mechanics. Some folks may find it boring, and if you do, I apologize, but I think it is actaully a very interesting look into the kind of nature of this game with its almost "mystery novel" like elements. Both players want to try and figure out what is wrong because they know there must be something, but they never let their characters become unsympathetic or empathetic to the NPC's struggles. I hope you have a ball meeting the Constance family, Levi, Norma, and the rest of Willow Bluff. Next week will more than likely be the conclusion of this little arc (at least for the time being) so feel free to drop us a line of twitter and let us know what you thought. 





I have to give an exceptionally huge shout out to The Gauntlet whose zine Codex (specifically the "Love II" issue) featured the supplement I used for this series. Thanks as well to Sid Icarus (@ActionEconomy) who wrote the supplement. Thanks to the Black Twig Pickers for their cover of "Wreck of the Old 97." Finally a big shout out to Vincent Baker for making this game. It was a blast to play!