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Dogs in the Vineyard Pt. 3

The stunning conclusion of our Dogs in the Vineyard Mini-Arc....

I cannot be happier with how Oak and Austin take on the wonderfully subtle and creative town of Willow Bluff. The pair are met with things much more difficult than big one-eyed monsters... they are met with people, just complicated people who has hopes, dreams, and desires to do what is best for themselves. 


I have to give an exceptionally huge shout out to The Gauntlet whose zine Codex (specifically the "Love II" issue) featured the supplement I used for this series. I also just heard that Love II will be available for purchase this weekend on DrivethruRPG. Thanks as well to Sid Icarus (@ActionEconomy) who wrote the supplement. Thanks to the Black Twig Pickers for their cover of "Wreck of the Old 97." Finally a big shout out to Vincent Baker for making this game. It was a blast to play!