The Dimansion of Ypsilanti the Tectomancer - Introduction

The Second Cycle around our Dungeon World table begins with Series V, entitled "The Dimansion of Ypsilanti the Tectomancer." Here, we meet our new party: Gashana the formerly enslaved elvish princess Immolator, Omid the Mage running from the Ashkeshahri Empire, and Row the guerrilla Battlemaster still fighting a lost war. Normally, we also ask questions setting up the coming campaign, however the original recording was distorted due to an electronic problem. So we have re-recorded this introduction to explain how the original questions were answered. It's not our normal enthusiastic brainstorming session, but it will get you everything you need to know for the upcoming Series!

Dogs in the Vineyard Pt. 1

Hey ya'll! Welcome to the start of "C-Sides" our new series powered by the ChimaeraCast. For our first series we are going to travel west to fantasy Utah where we will accompany Brother Oak and Brother Austin as they go through their initiation challenges and head to the beautiful town of Willow Bluff. This episode deals a lot with background and getting you set out on the right foot, so if it's a little slow just bear with us. 

I have to give an exceptionally huge shout out to The Gauntlet whose zine Codex (specifically the "Love II" issue) featured the supplement I used for this series. Thanks as well to Sid Icarus (@ActionEconomy) who wrote the supplement. Thanks to the Black Twig Pickers for their cover of "Wreck of the Old 97." Finally a big shout out to Vincent Baker for making this game. It was a blast to play! 

The Dragon's Den

After failing many rolls and gaining plenty of XP dealing with technical issues, we're back up and running! We've successfully passed the GM role completely around our table, so we decided it was time to reflect. In the Dragon's Den, we discuss our previous Cycle of Dungeon World games, our plans for the future of ChimaeraCast, and come up with the new Chimaera uniform. Next Wednesday, we begin the Second Cycle with Series V!

01 August 2018 Technical Issues Update

Hello, Chimaeracats!

It is with a heavy heart, that we at the Chimaera miss two (2!) weekly updates -- we've run into issues with long-distance recording coupled with the corruption of some of the episodes we had recorded in anticipation of problems arising.

We're hard at work troubleshooting these issues to maintain an audio quality that we deem acceptable -- we have, of course, technoscribed the appropriate sonic signets to ensorcel the 16th bitrealm's support wizards (before you Tweet, yes we are redopplering for basechange dimensional rifting) and  took steps to de-bleed and solder our capital-r-Rubberboards. Indeed,  we even constructed additional pylons.

We love you and any support and positive vibes you can aetherize, this has been its fair share of frustrating.  Find attatched, a balm made photofeline.

-Nathan on keys; Zach, JD, Ryan on heart; the young upstarted Sweetness Jared the Cat on being adorable