01 August 2018 Technical Issues Update

Hello, Chimaeracats!

It is with a heavy heart, that we at the Chimaera miss two (2!) weekly updates -- we've run into issues with long-distance recording coupled with the corruption of some of the episodes we had recorded in anticipation of problems arising.

We're hard at work troubleshooting these issues to maintain an audio quality that we deem acceptable -- we have, of course, technoscribed the appropriate sonic signets to ensorcel the 16th bitrealm's support wizards (before you Tweet, yes we are redopplering for basechange dimensional rifting) and  took steps to de-bleed and solder our capital-r-Rubberboards. Indeed,  we even constructed additional pylons.

We love you and any support and positive vibes you can aetherize, this has been its fair share of frustrating.  Find attatched, a balm made photofeline.

-Nathan on keys; Zach, JD, Ryan on heart; the young upstarted Sweetness Jared the Cat on being adorable